Why Cyber Security and Marketing go “HAND-in-HAND”

cyber security and marketing go hand in hand

As a marketing organization, we receive, store, and transmit large amounts of data for many of our customers. Now more than ever, this part of our service requires a great deal of trust and vetting from the companies that strategically partner with us. That’s why Cyber Security considerations are so important.

Data security breaches are a growing concern and an ongoing challenge for many marketing organizations, and unfortunately one that many will experience before safeguards are implemented. That said, it is a significant but worthwhile annual investment to maintain a Cyber Risk Profile that is attractive and can be proven to potential/existing clients. The challenge here for many small to medium marketing businesses is they do not have the in-house technology teams to implement, maintain, test, and upgrade Cyber Security elements on an ongoing basis. For that very reason, we partnered with an IT firm, Fusion Computing Limited, who have the Cyber Security Certifications that are required to meet all current requirements and ongoing adjustment from our larger global clients.

From the client side, we always advise both our clients and potential new prospects to consider the following when choosing a vendor:

  1. Does the vendor have a Cyber Security Plan or Certificate?
  2. Have they had any breaches, and if yes, how many?
  3. What is their plan if there is a breach?
  4. Do they have Cyber Security Insurance and in what amount?
  5. When was their last Cyber Security Risk Assessment, and how often to they do one?

These are a few of the questions that we suggest you ask at the vetting stage, if the vendor you are considering will be sending, compiling, storing, or receiving your data as a marketing partner. You have the right to ask these and other questions to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.

This service needs to go “hand-in-hand” with any marketing programs performed on your behalf to ensure that you and your customers are receiving the best possible protection from Cyber attacks. If they cannot or will not answer these questions and prove these asks to your satisfaction, find a vendor that will. The hit to your bottom line will pale in comparison to the hit that your reputation, built over years of trust, will take if you don’t.


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