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We are inbound and outbound Contact Center specialists. Despite the emergence of alternative methods, the phone remains the preferred means of reaching customer support, especially when things are complicated.


With integrated live chat, social media, email, sound clips for quality call monitoring (plus much more). We can give your customers the service they deserve using their preferred communication channel.


Contact Center

“Idea Factor has a wonderful group of people that are a delight to work with. We have done many campaigns with them in the past and the quality of the work they produce is stellar.”

Contact Center

Without a doubt one of the best customer service teams in Canada.
We appreciate all the effort, persistence and patience in the past year to help us create a brilliant customer experience!

Contact Center

The Idea Factor team has been fantastic to work with.. a big THANK YOU to everyone!

Your team has the intangibles to adapt and speak with customers in a very real way.

I called to test our response to customers. The CSR passed all the tests with flying colors.

Pleasant on the phone and very well informed!

Our Hybrid Omnichannel Contact Center ensures that we provide business
continuity in any scenario.

A mix of onsite and remote agents means that in case of a fire, flood, Covid-19, or any other disruptive disaster, the remote team continues to operate seamlessly so that functionality of the contact center remains 100 % intact for your customers, consumers and/or vendors.

Contact Centre quality assurance is provided with the following:

Appropriate Greeting & Ending.
Understanding Customer Needs.
Following Correct Procedures for Information Share.
Providing Correct Data.
Accurately Capturing Customer Data.
Providing One-Call Resolution Where Possible.
Grammar and Spelling Excellence in Email, Text and Chat.
Creation/Adherence to Best Practices.

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