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How to Bring in New Business by Nurturing Leads

Next month we thought that we would emphasize the Lead Nurturing message to our Business Development Agents (BDA) in a manner that was fun, meaningful, and relevant.  We are buying each team member a small plant. 

WHY? Because in the same way you have to water, prune, ensure sunlight and repeat the process to care for a plant, lead nurturing requires all the same diligence and repetition to blossom into new business and bear fruit. Once a team member has

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Lists! What are they good for?

Image containing a 'people' infographic.

Sometimes…absolutely NUTHIN!

If any of you are old enough to remember the SONG from the early 70’s called: “ War! What is it good for? Absolutely nuthin!” …then you’ll get a chuckle out of my play on words.

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Boosting Corporate Events

Image of a dining table set for a business event.

Are you planning a corporate event or a webinar? Getting people to attend is hard work. BUT! If you follow this agenda — you’ll be rewarded with strong event attendance.

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Don’t Let Your Marketing Activities Take a Summer Vacation!

Image of balls lined up with the words 'marketing Strategy' on one centered ball.

The Market is S L O W … so you put the lid on your marketing activites. Good, right? NO!

When the market is slow, by shutting down your marketing activities you not only allow a perfect window for your competitor to gobble up your marketplace — but– you also put yourself in a position from which you may never recover.

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