All Companies Need Great Sales Leads!

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Need great sales leads?

You aren’t alone.

All companies need to have a full pipeline of great leads in order to survive.

One of the mistakes I have often seen over my 30+ years in this business – is the desire to internalize the Lead Generation process.

Lead Generation isn’t easy. Especially in today’s world of no name policies and auto attendants.

Teaching your internal Team how to make those calls can be tricky. That said — if you still want to generate your own leads — here’s a way to get started.


  1. Appoint a High-Level Champion within your organization to ensure success — this should be a full-time position
  2. Hire people who are skilled in customer service and also have a sales background
  3. Make sure that all verbal and written skills are A+… deficiencies are a poor reflection of your brand
  4. Motivate, teach, inspire and test on a daily basis
  5. Set goals and standards so that the quality of the lead that is being developed is worthy of the cost to get it
  6. Make sure that your data has value by capturing as much granular data as you can on every call so you don’t spend money on the same prospect over and over again
  7. Include interesting Direct Mail in your marketing approach to help make the call a bit warmer and reduce the level of both Burn-Out and/or Turn-over for your out-bound calling Team

If you are planning to start with just one person — you still need all of the above recommendations in order to ensure success, meaning the High-Level Champion is still a MUST.

In my early years in business, I often trained companies how to develop their own internal Team. What I learned was, there was a lot of energy at the beginning but it often fizzled out quickly.

AND — without strong supervision, it fell apart in terms of ‘quality’ pretty quick.

Lastly — don’t assign the task to your Field Sales Team. It just isn’t their skillset and it can quickly demoralize the Team that really needs to Be On Their Game!

Great sales leads are GOLD!

Good luck and happy selling!

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