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Data Capture and Reporting

Image of random scattered numbers and letters, representing data not organized.

Are you capturing and analyzing all the data coming into your contact center? If not, you are missing an opportunity to identify and understand changes in your customers’ and consumers’ behavior. That’s one reason why data capture and reporting are so important.

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Is it just me . . . ?

Image of girl looking tired or discouraged.

Is it just me . . . or do you get the feeling that business in general is in a ‘let’s wait and see’ mode.

As an entrepreneur for more than 30 years, I’ve been here before a time or two.

My optimism tells me we will get to the other side..

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Combatting High Turnover

Image of Super Agent shield-badge.

A contact that has collaborated with us in the past reached out to ask how we keep our agents motivated, engaged, and avoid high turnover. I laughed and said it really was not any one thing, there are several things that we have built into our contact center culture over the years to keep the staff happy and involved which has contributed to the overall longevity of the department.

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Cute girl smiling.

I hope I haven’t been boring you with my many, many comments about the lack of good customer service since the onset of COVID.

But really, wouldn’t you agree that it has been dismal at best?

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Globalization. Progress? Or Regress?

Image of stylized globe on grey background to represent the idea of Globalization.

Globalization: a word I have heard and experienced numerous times over the last 15 years.

At first glance, I can see the potential benefits of consolidating numerous offices and vendors to reduce interactions and have one cohesive presence.

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Employee Retention Strategies

Image of happy co-workers in a meeting.

Employee retention strategies are an important part of your customer satisfaction goals.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers.

Employees that do not feel valued are constantly on job sites looking for a position that offers more money and all the other shiny things that companies are offering to entice your best employees to jump ship!

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Why Cyber Security and Marketing go “HAND-in-HAND”

Image of two young children holding hands.

As a marketing organization, we receive, store, and transmit large amounts of data for many of our customers. Now more than ever, this part of our service requires a great deal of trust and vetting from the companies that strategically partner with us. That’s why Cyber Security considerations are so important.

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No Need to Toot Your Own Horn When . . .

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A new customer that we have recently partnered with reached out to one of their resellers last week to introduce them to our services, not knowing that this particular reseller has been our existing direct customer for over 10 years.

After listening to the service offering, touted results, and ROI potential, the reseller questioned: “Are you talking about Idea Factor?” When they answered yes, the reseller went on to explain that they had worked with us for years and had experienced consistent collaboration and results, including a $200,000 account that they landed from the last campaign we ran with them.

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