Globalization. Progress? Or Regress?

world globe-globalization


A word I have heard and experienced numerous times over the last 15 years.

At first glance, I can see the potential benefits of consolidating numerous offices and vendors to reduce interactions and have one cohesive presence.

In reality, what I have seen and experienced is a complete breakdown of PROCESS. To the extent that most things that were easy on a branch level, are so steeped in bureaucracy that they are at a complete standstill. Rather than a few weeks to market, it’s 6 months. Lost time. Lost opportunity.

As a mid-size entrepreneur, the amount of manpower required to climb these global-legal, master-contract-agreements far outweighs the ROI associated with working in a Global Environment.

The Stakeholders are frustrated because they are tied to performance — a performance they know they can get, if only they could get a Purchase Order (and that, my friends, is a tall order in a Global Environment).

I must tell you, that the move to Global has given us numerous instances where we were paid for work we didn’t do. We have been paid twice for some work, or we have not been paid at all.

Perhaps the most disconcerting is being paid for work that other Vendors did, and checks in their name were sent to us. Imagine!

As a company with integrity, we raise our hand immediately to right the wrong. Does that happen across the board? I doubt it.

In a recent transaction where we are months in to launch a very simple lead generation effort, I have to ask myself – is this progress or regress?

I think I know the answer.


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