The Power of a Thank you

gratefulI received the most wonderful gift. It was a card.


The front of the card had one word : GRATEFUL


And the inside of the card was thanking me for being a mentor and a person to look to for comfort and advice. It was from my friend’s 25 year old daughter who I adore but really don’t see all that often.


She has just begun her teaching career and spent some time travelling. Last summer I managed to snag her for a day and took her to some of my favorite shopping/eating places.


We shopped, laughed, cried and told each other some terrific stories. I watched her grow up and make s’mores in my backyard, and now I am watching her make a difference in the world by offering them the gift of ‘learning’.


I can’t begin to tell you the power of that small card with the words THANK YOU inside. It really meant the world to me.

In a recent yoga class, we were instructed to close our eyes and think of something positive. Immediately the front of that card came into my mind and filled me with a sense of peace.


As we journey through our lives both personally and professionally, we do our best to touch people in a variety of ways. A special note to a great customer. A coffee for a co-worker. An on-time, badly-needed proposal.


It’s the few moments we take where we express our THANKS that make all the difference in the world.


For those who take the time to say THANKS, I am truly GRATEFUL.


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