The DNA Structure of Great Lead Generation





Great Leads can be broken down into several components.  Each, when combined in the proper sequence and process — will become a proven and predictive methodology keeping your sales funnel full with high quality leads.

Identify your goal

The Keep It Simple philosophy is very true here so get your Management, Sales Team, and Lead Generation Specialists  collaborating on the key solutions. Decide what offering will appeal best to your target audience. The challenge here is to try and keep it to ONE solution at a time.

Solution or method

Gain the attention, interest and trust of the audience you are targeting by asking yourself questions.  What are you trying to achieve? Are you targeting visitors that came by your trade show booth or existing customers for a new product launch? Is your goal to win back lost customers or to thank your existing customer base thus keeping them loyal? It’s best to use a two-pronged approach to inform and engage your target audience, therefore use both direct mail and a timely phone call to follow up for a one-on-one experience.

Identify your Target Market

Identify with the use of profiling.  Most importantly, ask — What industries?  At what revenue?  Size of the company?  Within what geography?  Decision-maker title(s)? Language(s)? Any Disqualifier(s)? Also, use Data Mapping of your existing customers as they are tried and true in your target this market.

Last but definitely not least, is the list.  Once the list is pulled or provided using the target market data, it should be validated for:

  • the correct company name,
  • physical and mailing address,
  • the decision-makers name and title(s) that were agreed upon,
  • email address if included in the marketing outreach,
  • OPT-IN permission,

Don’t forget that disqualifying question(s) should also be asked at this time.

Whether you are targeting your audience through Direct Mail, Social Media, Webinars, Events, Telemarketing, Email Marketing, or a combination of any/all mediums, these components will lay a solid building block for your campaign.

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