5 Musts for Building a Top Inbound Call Center


Your business is growing and your staff are spending more time answering calls than completing what needs to be done to keep your business successful.  It may be time to hire staff that are dedicated to answering these calls so that nothing falls through the cracks and your customer service levels are increased .  Here are the five most important building blocks for making sure you build a superb inbound call center: 

  • INBOUND CALL CENTER AGENTS: Experienced, qualified inbound call center agents with a minimum 2+ year inbound call center and customer service experience to strive for a one call resolution and exceptional call experience every time. Agent retention is key to achieving and maintaining service levels and keeping turnover low.


  • TRAINING: Whether the inbound call center is based on a product line and/or service, proper training is a crucial and continuous methodology that must be planned and implemented on a pre-determined schedule to keep agents knowledgeable, and confident about the information they are relaying to customers.


  • PROCESS: Map out a process for all elements of your inbound call center to ensure that every possible need/goal is clearly outlined, and effectively delivered against. This will ensure that proper phone systems, workstations, software (CRM), technology requirements, headsets, staffing, reporting and management for monitoring and assessment are put into place.


  • CONTACT: Modern inbound call centers are innovative and allow customers to make contact via Live Chat, Website and Social Media as well as more traditional methods of contact such as calling, email and letter mail.


  • WORKPLACE: Long hours sitting, in front of a computer, listening and keying in information requires a space that is quiet, strategically laid out, and conducive to building a safe and healthy work space for your agents. Plan all the details of this work place to ensure that agents are not struggling to hear the customer on the line over the agent in the next cubicle. Ensure that keyboards, phone equipment, and any other office equipment that they need to use in order to perform their duties are easily accessible.


With these musts, a solid platform is in place for which to build your own outstanding inbound call center.  If you do not have the space or the experienced staff to implement these essentials, outsource to a company that already delivers on all of the above.

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