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Charity in the Workplace

Image of hands joined to form the shape of a heart.

Charity may begin at home…. but should extend to the workplace.  Here’s why….

We instinctively teach charity to children as they grow. This helps them acquire a sense of empathy for the less fortunate, and it hopefully becomes a lifetime habit. We help them develop an understanding that what they have and might take for granted, is not readily available for everyone.

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Can Conflict be Healthy?

Surreal or abtract composite Image of hands containing mouth and ears communicating. Indicates tensions in communications to illlustrate conflict.


We all avoid conflict in our personal lives as much as possible and tend to follow the same track in business.  Instead, seek out those that have a different point of view, culture or methodology.  Engage in an authentic conversation. Listen and learn from the challenges and experiences of others.

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